Healthy Eating & Menus

A great deal of importance is placed on providing the right kind of nourishment for children while they are at school. Here at Salisbury Cathedral School we aim to provide healthy and balanced meals to keep the children satisfied and happy throughout the day. Fresh produce, sourced locally from reputable and environmentally friendly suppliers, is used wherever possible.

The children are encouraged to make their own choices, with a little help on getting the balance right if needed. A hot meal, vegetarian option and extensive salad bar and dessert are provided every lunchtime. Fresh fruit and homemade yogurt are also on offer. Snacks at break times are designed to be healthy and filling and include homemade hummus dip with vegetables and wholemeal pitta bread and homemade flapjack. Every term we plan specially themed lunches or suppers. These have included a Texan barbecue, Chinese supper and a Burns lunch.

These days are enjoyed by the children, who get opportunities to try foods from other countries and more unusual ones from nearer home.

Meals are treated as a social event where the children can interact and good table manners are encouraged.

Breakfast for the boarders consists of a healthy cereal selection, porridge, orange juice, wholemeal and 'best of both' toast, fresh fruit and yogurt. There is also a hot option on most days.

In the evening there is a full 2 course meal with a salad option.

There is a bowl of fruit in the boarding house for the evening snack.

Weekends see some treats such as pizza, pain au chocolat and full English breakfasts and there is always a roast dinner on Sundays.




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