Individual Learning

Some children need individual help and guidance at various points during their school career. We identify the specific educational needs of our children and offer them support either within the class, in small groups or in individual lessons. Some children require specialist teaching which is charged as an extra.

The academic needs of the pupils will be met in a variety of ways within the classroom environment. The delivery of the curriculum will be differentiated, individual targets are set for pupils who are a concern and personal organisation may be monitored. 

We have a team of qualified and experienced teachers who give specialist one to one lessons for Literacy, Numeracy and Study Skills. All the lessons are taught using multi-sensory techniques and they follow a highly structured and cumulative programme.  Staff and pupils contribute to the targets that are set in Individual Education Plans and parents are encouraged to follow their child’s progress on a regular basis either by emails, phone calls or by coming in for a chat.

We have a thorough screening programme in place and an efficient referral process which ensures that all children are carefully monitored for academic progress from an early age. Year 1 has a thorough catch-up programme which is available, if necessary, to ensure that the acquisition of basic literacy skills is secure. One to one help is available at an early age if pupils are deemed to be at risk of a delay in reading. Maths is also monitored closely and pupils are given the opportunity, at a young age, to work on building their basic understanding and appreciation of the subject. This could be in a small group or on an individual basis.

As children progress through the school we encourage pupils to develop their Study Skills. Memory techniques are taught alongside such skills as note taking, revision methods and mind mapping.

Educational Psychologists visit the school to assess pupils when necessary and access arrangements for exams are organised appropriately.

The pupils in the department have high self-esteem and a positive attitude to learning. Lessons are tailor made for each pupil and take into account an individual’s strengths and weaknesses. Our approach leads to confidence and success.




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