Mathematics is all around us although we don’t always recognise how much. It is in the patterns in nature (such as the Fibonacci series) and discovering how things work such as road and bridge building. As our lives become increasingly more technological, Mathematics has become even more important. 

At Salisbury Cathedral School we aim to show how the Mathematics we learn is relevant to real life, whether it be through learning coordinates if you are a pilot, understanding negative numbers for accountancy or personal finances, ensuring a plane isn’t missed by learning the 24 hour clock etc.

We learn how Mathematics is connected to the other subjects, such as measuring correctly for Design Technology projects, linking formulae and graphs in Science, understanding Mandala rotational patterns in Religious Education, or just making sure you get the right change after buying a packet of crisps!


Mathematics contributes to the school curriculum by developing pupils’ ability to calculate, to reason logically, algebraically and geometrically, and to solve problems. We aim to enable pupils to build a firm foundation of mathematical skills which they can use to apply, with confidence, to various situations. Whilst we equip them with a range of strategies to assist with mental and written calculations, we also hope that they can apply these skills in an efficient and accurate way, enabling them to link ideas which are all around us.

All pupils are encouraged to explore Mathematics, regardless of ability. Pupils who find making connections with number more difficult will be supported so that they begin to gain the confidence which is vital for positive progression to take place. More able pupils are challenged through entry into local and national Mathematics competitions. Above all, we hope to provide both a solid foundation of mathematical skills but also an enthusiasm to enquire further into relationships between number and pattern, so that all pupils leave us feeling they have both gained in understanding and confidence.



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