At SCS, we unlock the secrets of the past by investigating and researching evidence and then discussing these at length. This allows us to form our own theories rather than accepting textbooks at face-value.

Typical questions asked might be

  • 'Was the Norman Conquest such a big deal for the Saxons?'
  • 'Was William Rufus' death an accident, or a cleverly planned assassination?'
  • 'Were the gunpowder plotters framed by Robert Cecil?'

On a child's journey through the school, they will study a range of topics from the earliest history to the mid-twentieth century, taking in far-off cultures and aspects of local history, such as the study of Imber. We walk along many well-trodden paths, but with a fresh map and a readiness to question the established theories. We develop skills of enquiry, empathy, communication and perspective along the way – and we have a great time too!



In a typical year, pupils in the prep school will:

  • experience in-house workshops
  • visit museums in Salisbury and Andover
  • be evacuated by train to Tisbury
  • spend the day as Vikings
  • go to local venues such as hill forts and military sites on the Plain
  • talk to a visiting archaeologist



  • visit a number of Roman sites (such as Rockbourne, Fishbourne and Bath) in conjunction with the Classics department
  • participate in national competitions such as Townsend-Warner, the SATIPS Challenge and the Rochester Quiz
  • visit Christchurch Priory
  • see behind the scenes of Magna Carta (of course!)
  • visit a London museum / exhibition
  • construct a Norman settlement
  • attend workshops with historical authors or at senior schools
  • eat a medieval feast




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