Our main aim is for every child to enjoy their English lessons, take pride in their work and be determined to produce their best possible effort, regardless of their ability. By the time they leave, they should be effective communicators, able to speak, read and write with confidence, clarity and understanding and so be better able to get on in the world, whatever path they may choose.


There is great enthusiasm for the writing process at Salisbury Cathedral School. Children across the age ranges are taught to improve their writing by focusing on using a higher level of vocabulary, connectives, openers and punctuation. In their creative writing, children are encouraged to devise interesting, imaginative plots which often follow a predictable structure, use good vocabulary and imagery to describe setting and character, and use a range of sentence types and structures for variety and interest.


The fundamental aim is to ensure success through progression, development and enjoyment of reading. By creating a school environment conducive to reading, children are encouraged to become enthusiastic and confident. As they become more independent, they are encouraged to make their own book selections and become more selective and discriminating.

Above all, children are encouraged to:

  • develop a postive attitude to reading
  • express and share their personal opinions
  • use inference and deduction to appreciate meaning beyond the literal
  • summarise key points
  • identify and comment on key aspects of language, structure and themes of a literary text, using evidence to support their opinions and preferences
  • articulate personal and critical responses to the texts read
  • understand how to locate both fiction and non-fiction in the library

Speaking and listening

We really do appreciate the importance of speaking and listening and so encourage it as much as reading and writing - class debates, class readings, plays, as well as the annual poetry and public speaking competition. The emphasis is on encouraging children to articulate what they want to say in a clear and confident manner, engage the audience, and appreciate and comment on what others have had to say.



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