It is our aim that every child at Salisbury Cathedral School enjoys their speech and drama experiences, not just in their weekly timetabled drama lesson, but in other curriculum areas as well.

The drama department strives to ensure that:

  • every child has a confident and effective command of vocal and movement skills
  • children are confident in speaking to a wider audience
  • within an improvised scene, children can sustain and communicate a role with confidence and imagination
  • children can work productively and creatively within a group
  • children are able to interpret character in a believable way
  • children are able to accept and interpret direction in a meaningful and constructive way

  • as performers, children are able to evaluate a role or scene – either their own or another group’s. What was successful/not so successful/ difficult etc.
  • children are familiar with the technical vocabulary associated with drama and the stage – e.g. freeze, spontaneous improvisation, Forum Theatre etc

You can see the culmination of our drama work in the many quality public performances that take place over the course of the year by all year groups.





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