Design Technology

‘The excellent facilities for art and DT, and very good specialist teaching enable pupils to be very creative, resilient and determined, particularly for their age’
ISI Report June 2017

Design and Technology is a popular subject throughout the school where pupils have the opportunity to use their imagination and creativity to design and make in a wide range of materials.

Our purpose built Design and Technology suite incorporates a graphics room, resistant materials workshop area and a textiles gallery. A well planned curriculum provides pupils with a balance of experiences which increase in complexity as they develop their skills. Pupils enjoy solving real life problems and designing and making in graphics materials, wood, metal, textiles and plastics.

This year Lower Key Stage 2 pupils have created wooden toys and photo frames and as part of their cross-curricular work have vacuum-formed ‘Ancient Egyptian Scarab Beetles’, Stone Age tools and scale models of our local World Heritage Site - Stonehenge.

Years 5 and 6 have created and refined pneumatic powered rockets and buggies, money boxes, laser cut keyrings and constructed sectional bridges, testing their load bearing capacity to destruction! Year 7 have experienced team challenges, pewter casting and simple electronic circuits. Our Year 8 pupils have designed and made beaten metal sculptures, wooden boxes with inlaid exotic wood detail and acrylic clocks based on the Memphis Design Group.

Many of our pupils eagerly attend the various DT clubs which run throughout the week.





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