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Our tutor system

Our tutor system

Our Tutor System

With the challenges and pressures on young people increasing, excellent pastoral care is vital. We recognise this, and as a result, our top priority is the welfare and happiness of our pupils. Our tutor system focuses on this, giving plenty of time for individual attention and by monitoring the learning progress of each child.


Vertical tutors

This approach is strengthened by our additional vertical tutor group arrangement that consists of pupils from different year groups.

The aim is to give children in the lower years time to develop their thinking and ideas by observing the older children and therefore the possibilities that can unfold further up the school. The vertical system also calls upon the older children to show leadership and kindness in helping to guide their younger counterparts, as well as giving them all a sense of belonging to their own SCS 'family" throughout their time at the school.

PSHE classes are a fixture of the curriculum across all year groups.

The syllabus allows us to engage the children in a wide range of social and psychological issues and we often structure this around our weekly themes.

The themes work in tandem with our core Values and with significant calendar events. So one week it might be Courage or Discovery, another it could be Remembrance Day, and so on.

The purpose of PSHE is to help our pupils acquire the knowledge, understanding, skills, and strategies required to live healthy, safe, productive, capable and balanced lives. Children learn to reflect on and clarify their own attitudes, exploring the complex and sometimes conflicting range of values and attitudes they encounter.

Developing empathy and the ability to work with others helps pupils to form and maintain good relationships - essential skills for future employability and a happy, fulfilled life.