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 “I believe we make extraordinary music at this school because it is laced with the happiness of our children.”

Music at Salisbury Cathedral School has gained a reputation for outstanding levels of accomplishment and performance and we are all very proud of that.

What is more important to us though, is how our music and singing has the power to enrich lives, and how it reaches out to every child embracing the talent they have to give at the point they are ready to and want to give it.


Music has well-documented benefits of helping children to develop a sense of teamwork practising and performing together, of developing a freedom of expression and creativity and of cultivating self-discipline. I believe there is something more it provides too, which cannot be underestimated. That is the enormous privilege of the one-to-one relationship between child and teacher that can emerge in instrumental and choral lessons. It is yet another strata of time and care that encourages children to not only progress their skills, but also to interact and communicate with a grown up about anything they may have on the minds. Of course, music itself has great powers of mindfulness and we are determined that every child here has the chance of benefitting from that.

Susie Lamb, Head of Music