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SCS Bursaries

As part of our development strategy we are committed to increasing access and diversity at SCS.

We believe that greater diversity creates a more fulfilling learning environment, for all pupils, and provides better preparation for life beyond school. In essence, opening opportunities for children who might not otherwise be able to benefit from an SCS education enriches the lives of the whole school community. 

SCS bursary applications are most likely to be accepted for those pupils who demonstrate talent in a particular field, or those who would benefit from the school's renowned pastoral care, but are unable to take the place for financial reasons. 

Our ability to support worthy applicants to join SCS is limited by the need to keep fees competitive and the fact we do not have significant endowments or other established funding provision for bursaries. However, we are blessed by an invested community of people who have benefitted from an SCS education and are now keen to give back. It is their generosity that opens the doors of the school to deserving boys and girls.  If you can add your support to this worthy cause that enriches the lives of so many then please visit our How to Give page or consider joining the 1091 Club by leaving a tax efficient gift in your will. 

 Bursary Information

SCS Bursaries fall into two categories: Standard and Continuation.  

  • Standard: new applicants to the school, where a place has been offered, but parents are unable to fund the tuition fees and/or other costs in full or part. Standard bursaries are subject to regular re-evaluation. 

  • Continuation: for existing pupils where a change in parents’ circumstances has resulted in difficulty meeting tuition fees and may result in the child being withdrawn part way through a stage of education. Please contact the Finance Manger for the full SCS Bursary policy.