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The aim of our Maths teaching is to create independent, skillful and inquisitive mathematicians. We encourage a passion for the subject and aim to equip the children with a powerful toolset to ask questions in order to deepen their understanding. Above all, we want to develop mathematicians who can problem solve, pursue their own investigations and so cement their mathematical understanding by applying what they learn to the real world.

Through our school values we encourage children to challenge, to question, to experiment and to discover for themselves. Our far-reaching and hands-on Science curriculum gives children a knowledge of the physics, chemistry and biology of their world but we aim to do more: to give them the opportunities to ask ‘why?’ and to discover for themselves.

Computing is not just an integral part of children’s lives today but, as part of an ever-changing world, we know that children need to be well equipped with the skills for tomorrow.  Therefore, in addition to timetabled computing lessons, we believe it is crucial that IT forms a central thread throughout the curriculum. We believe this helps foster a sense of wonder and gives opportunity for independent learning whilst building in children a confidence  to use a broad range of much-needed IT skills. In Years 7 & 8 all children are issued with their own Chromebook which forms an important part of their learning toolkit.