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Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating


Eating at Salisbury Cathedral School is a family occasion.

Whether it’s at breakfast, lunch or dinner the children know that joining together at great long tables, over food that they happily agree is as scrumptious as it is nutritious is the social highlight of their day.

They are free to relax and make their own choices but, where it is needed, encouragement from staff to observe table manners and get the balance right is on tap. It is so important to us that the children are fed everything they need in order to get the best from their busy days and we are really proud when parents tell us how happy they are about what we produce from our kitchens.

A hot meal, vegetarian option, extensive salad bar and dessert are provided every lunchtime. Fresh fruit and homemade yogurts are also on offer. Snacks at break times are designed to be wholesome, but tasty and filling. Choices such as homemade hummus dip with vegetables and wholemeal pitta bread and homemade flapjacks are very popular. Every term we plan especially themed lunches or suppers to cultivate appetites, such as a Texan barbecue or Chinese supper or a Burns lunch complete with haggis. Amidst all this there is also always time to bake the odd chocolate cake or shortbread at parents’ request to share in class for a birthday celebration.

Our boarders at breakfast are forever in bright spirits over a plentiful and healthy choice of cereal, porridge, orange juice, wholemeal toast, fresh fruit and yogurt as well as a hot option on most days. In the evening there is a full two course meal with a salad option. Back at the boarding house bowls of fruit and toast are available for snacks.

Health and nutrition are our watch words, but we also believe in homely weekend treats such as pizza, pain au chocolat and full English breakfasts, plus a roast on Sundays.