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Post CE programme

Post CE program

Post CE Programme

To celebrate the end of their Prep school career each year we planned a varied and exciting programme of events and activities including SCS Junior Entrepreneur for our Year 8 pupils for the weeks following their Common entrance examinations. All of the activities are chosen to tie in with Salisbury Cathedral School’s core values, with the aim of providing the children with some vital skills for their life beyond SCS as well as a well-earned injection of fun!

Sample Week  Timetable

SCS Junior Entrepreneur 

The aim of Junior Entrepreneur is to help the children to understand key business concepts and to have the opportunity to put them into practice. Working together in teams, they will be challenged to come up with an idea for a stall at the school fete that they will have to run as a business. To do this, they will need to understand their target market, unique selling proposition, market their stall, source materials, estimate P&L, determine pricing, and deliver a great product and service. They will also need to deliver presentations, both before and after the event. A panel of judges will then determine the overall winner based on the quality of their presentations, overall teamwork, the running of the business on the day, and profits (all of which will go to a charity of the winner’s choosing).