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Salisbury Cathedral School partner with FMS UK

Salisbury Cathedral School partner with FMS UK

We are excited to announce that Salisbury Cathedral School is partnering with FMS UK to introduce a revolutionary system of movement screening and physical well-being for our pupils.  

The wellbeing of our young people is at the forefront of our vision and program. Functional movement screening has been used in professional sport for many years. The benefits of this program will enhance all aspects of their school life, both in and out of the classroom. 

Karin Staines, Head of Sport, ‘The Movement Patterns Program lays the foundation for better fitness, performance and movement for life. An integrated software platform provides a personalised movement and development pathway for each child which supports balance, mobility and postural control.

FMS UK has developed an app-based platform that can deliver the program on scale to all pupils across the school. Initially the programme will begin with pupils in Years 5 to 8 each of whom will have a personalised program that retrains not only the body but the brain to improve movement efficiency.

FMS UK Chief Executive, Peter Bowler, ‘If we are going to influence the health and fitness of the general population, we have to impact children first. Developing excellent motor patterns and ensuring every child has the basic foundation of movement, breathing and postural quality is our mission. We are excited to be partnering with Salisbury Cathedral School’

 The program launches in October 2020.