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Outdoor Remote Learning

Outdoor Remote Learning

Outdoor Remote Learning at Salisbury Cathedral School    


 Will Frost, Head of Outdoor Learning at Salisbury Cathedral School (SCS), has created a programme of activities to get remote-learning pupils offline and outside as part of the ‘school’ day. The activities, such as Spotting Signs of Spring, complement the school’s full academic provision by ensuring pupils are not entirely tied to their computers in this current lockdown.

‘I approach every lesson with the question: how can I take this outside? And that counts for remote learning too,’ explains Will Frost. ‘Many parents are, quite rightly in my opinion, concerned about the amount of screen time their children are currently committed to. That’s why we felt it imperative to take at least one element of their learning offline.’

 The SCS remote outdoor learning provision is delivered through many, often interconnected, independent projects that pupils can access during timetabled slots throughout the week. For example, SCS pupils have been challenged to make homemade bird feeders. This activity will harness the children’s creativity and DT skills as well as prepare their gardens for a future project which requires the children to participate in the UK Garden Bird Watch scheme. The best work – in terms of both ability and effort – are recognised with house points just as the pupils’ efforts in any other subject would be.