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Live from the USA

Live from the USA

Trying to learn from a school 3500 miles away can be quite entertaining. We have to wake up at 5:00 am in the morning to actually make a live lesson. Out of 4 or occasionally 5 I make three of the live lessons set up to help us. Is it worth it? Yes it is. I come to the lesson before lunch and catch up on a lesson during that break before the afternoon lessons. Catching up on work with no live lesson can sometimes be quite hard if the instructions aren’t very clear and if they aren’t I can always just email school on what to do. Usually though I can get on just fine without help. If there is any more to catch up on I do then after school. By the time this is finished it is 1:00 pm our time which leaves the afternoon free apart from music practice. 

Yesterday however it was Joe Biden’s inauguration and we couldn’t miss that. Washington DC was under complete lockdown to stop riots and ‘Trump Terrorists’ from creating havoc during this ceremony. We couldn’t get in even if we tried. After school we watched it on Sky News and it was strange to think that it was happening just a mere 5 miles away. We could have walked there yet we wouldn’t get anywhere close. Fences and hundreds of guards surrounded the place. 

From Lily