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La Folia - Planet Three Eleven Thousand!

Planets Project came to a grand finale in Salisbury Cathedral.

Over the past few months, La Folia have been introducing Exeter House School and Year 5 from Salisbury Cathedral School to Holst’s “The Planets”. 

🎶In response to John Challenger’s transcription for the organ of Holst’s masterpiece, these wonderful students have created their very own new planet - Planet Three Eleven Thousand.

What a hugely moving experience it was to see the joy in the Cathedral last Friday from the students, teachers, carers, musicians and fabulous poet Martin Figura, as they sang their hearts out and danced in the quire.

Thank you Howard (Artistic Director, La Folia) thank you John Challenger (Assistant Director of Music, Salisbury Cathedral) thank you Susie Lamb (Head of Music, Salisbury Cathedral School) thank you Jon White, Josh Hamblin and all at Exeter House School, thank you Martin Figura, but mostly  thanks to the wonderful students from both schools  you smashed it.