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Bright Explorers celebrated World Frog Day

Bright Explorers celebrated World Frog Day

Bright Explorers celebrated World Frog Day by exploring a range of frog themed invitations and provocations.  

During our walk to the log circle, the children looked out carefully for the illustrated trail of the lifecycle of a frog. We observed and discussed each image, looking at how the frogspawn develops into tadpoles, the growing of legs, and finally the frog who can jump, and catch prey with its sticky tongue! We sang a song about 'Five Little Tadpoles’ and used our fingers to count eat wriggly tadpole!  

We talked about how frogs drink water through their skin and explored how much water our frog sponges could soak up as they took a drink from our makeshift pond. We enjoyed some more sensory water play by plunging our hands into the water to feel the ‘frogspawn’ - a mixture of chia seeds and water which turns into a jelly like substance! 

We made our very own frogs, by using a palm drill to make a hole in a wooden disc (this would become our frog's mouth), and we used colourful pens to draw a picture of a frog, we then added some long strips of velcro to make our frog’s sticky tongue. Our frogs were very hungry! They used their sticky tongues to catch their prey – images of tasty slugs and snails!  

Have a good weekend 
Mel from Wilshire Wildlife Trust