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A New Orchard To Help Boost Biodiversity

A New Orchard To Help Boost Biodiversity

Homegrown apples, pears and plums will soon be on the school menu thanks to the support of our 2021 leavers' families and the current year 8s. Today we took delivery of 15 fruit trees which will be planted in the newly designated 'conservation corner' of the school grounds.  

Planting is planned on Monday and a lasting record of who planted each tree will be created. The activity is designed to bring this term's science learning to life as well as enhancing the school grounds. It ties into the current topic of ecosystems and pupils will be encouraged to think of the importance of healthy soils, root systems, photosynthesis, adaptation and microclimates in relation to the trees. 

The activity is part of the school's participation in the Conservation School Award, hosted by the charity Operation Future Hope, which entails a five-year commitment to boosting biodiversity within our grounds. Planting a small orchard creates a fantastic spring nectar source for pollinators, provides fruit for the students and for wildlife, and creates additional habitat opportunities for all sorts of species. 

This new biodiversity project comes just as the spring bulbs planted last term begin to bloom. Both projects have been funded by the generous families of the 2021 leavers who donated their school deposits to the cause.