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  • Friday 15 January 2021 Outdoor Remote Learning Will Frost, Head of Outdoor Learning at Salisbury Cathedral School (SCS), has created a programme of activities to get remote-learning pupils offline and outside as part of the ‘school’ day.
  • Thursday 14 January 2021 Don't Stop the Music, Sport and much, much more . . . Muddy Stilettos interview Mr Nick Hawker, Deputy Head about, Home Education the Salisbury Cathedral School Way.
  • Friday 8 January 2021 SCS Blog 1 - Being a Chorister: A Life of Two Halves In the first of a new series about what makes Salisbury Cathedral School special, we focus on our choristers and how they learn so much more than incredible music
  • Friday 11 December 2020 Congratulations to Miss Thomlinson on achieving Level 1 Makaton Many congratulations to Miss Thomlinson on achieving Level 1 Makaton. 
  • Thursday 10 December 2020 Thank to our awesome catering team A huge thank you to Nick Denning and his awesome catering team for the most delicious Christmas Lunch. Wearing Christmas jumpers, antlers, and an assortment of festive headbands all the staff and children enjoyed a magnificent feast in their bubbles.
  • Thursday 10 December 2020 Father Christmas and his reindeers visit SCS This morning the school was buzzing with excitement as Father Christmas and his magical reindeers made a special visit to meet all the children. The children had the opportunity to see Father Christmas, sit in his sleigh and to stroke the reindeer. 
  • Wednesday 2 December 2020 Year 8's aluminium sculptures Year 8 have just completed some really delightful aluminium sculptures. The sea creatures were crafted from sheet aluminium which has been cut, planished and folded.
  • Wednesday 2 December 2020 Fisherton Street welcomes new restaurant Lah Koh Good luck to alumni, Shaun Wu on the opening of a new Asian restaurant, Lahkoh in Salisbury. Shaun will be joined by a fellow Salisbury Cathedral pupil and ex chorister, Alex Stagg.
  • Friday 27 November 2020 The launch of the "Mo Mile" In the prep school we have introduced the “Mo Mile” where pupils can run a mile course around the school grounds at break time, supervised by the sports staff - a great way to get the brain oxygenated for lessons as well as improving endurance.
  • Thursday 26 November 2020 Latest SCSA Newsletter The latest SCSA newsletter finds previous pupils in Oxford, Stroud, Normandy and New Zealand as well as closer to home. Read what they are doing in the popular 'Where are you Now?' feature.
  • Thursday 26 November 2020 Chemical Reactions Year 7 have been learning about chemical reactions and have recently been investigating thermal decomposition of carbonates.
  • Wednesday 18 November 2020 A perfect way to express yourself Here you can see items from the natural resources box which have been used in an ELSA session. These items are a perfect way for our children to express themselves, and recreate wonderful, personal memories.
  • Wednesday 18 November 2020 Early Years explore Diwali The children in Early years celebrated Diwali this week. We had a wonderful time exploring this magical festival. We sampled traditional Indian foods, made Rangoli patterns using coloured rice. We painted Mehndi designs and had a go at Bollywood dancing. The children were able to dress up and also make and decorate clay 'diya' lanterns using clay. We talked about how important it is to respect different customs, traditions and celebrations as part of our' Understanding of the World.'
  • Tuesday 17 November 2020 Award winning Director of Music, David Halls This week Salisbury Cathedral’s Director of Music, David Halls, has been in the limelight winning two notable awards for his music. On Friday night he was awarded Pride of Wiltshire Award for his services to music in the county during an online Awards Evening, which was screened at 19.00 on 31 October. He also took second prize in the prestigious Royal College of Organists or RCO Composition Competition 2020 (category: age 25 years or above) earlier in the same week.
  • Tuesday 17 November 2020 Boarders celebrate Diwali 2020 The boarders celebrated Diwali, the festival of lights, with a delicious candle lit supper thanks to Nick Denning and catering team. Mrs Bedford and the boarding team decorated the undercroft and explained how Diwali celebrates a number of themes, including joy, forgiveness, knowledge, the goddess of wealth, Lakshmi. Put simply, the festival represents new beginning and the triumph of good over evil. 
  • Tuesday 17 November 2020 Penpals Our Year 4 pupils put pencil to paper this week to write an introductory letter to members of the Salisbury Cathedral School alumni who volunteered to participate in a new handwriting initiative.
  • Tuesday 17 November 2020 Making the most of our grounds In Outdoor Learning this week, with lots of running around (!), we've explored about how peregrine falcons, kestrels and sparrowhawks catch their quarry. We've also had some brilliant woodcraft sessions, seeing the children in their element, skillfully whittling sticks taken from the hazel, willow and lime trees around the lake, whilst sharing stories with one another. We've also tried to adapt to take as many lessons outside as possible, making the most of the remaining autumn sunshine and warming colours. 
  • Friday 13 November 2020 Show that we care and make a difference On the back of the school Conker Challenge and our Outdoor Learning sessions, it is wonderfully clear how passionate the children are towards nature and caring for the environment. Therefore, we would like to invite everyone this half-term, to share how you are going to ‘make a difference’, however big or small.
  • Friday 13 November 2020 Children in Need Choir Every year for Children in Need, a choir of children is formed across the UK, usually involving thousands of young people. 4 years ago Seraphim choir joined in with this, and somewhere there is a great photo of Mr Marriott with Pudsey bear from this event!
  • Friday 13 November 2020 Update on the 2020 Leavers' Jetty We are pleased to announce we are one step closer to realising our ambition to increase access to the lake.
  • Friday 13 November 2020 Year 8 music scholar performance This week we have had some musical treats in school!
  • Wednesday 11 November 2020 Remembrance Day Today, the children and and staff marked Remembrance Day with a short service outside. The service was led by our Head Master, Mr Marriott with Daisy giving a beautiful reading and Amelie playing 'The Last Post'.
  • Wednesday 21 October 2020 Does your child love singing? Does your child love singing? 
  • Friday 9 October 2020 La Jolie Ronde The Year 5 children have been very enthusiastic about embarking on the next stage of their “La Jolie Ronde” journey in French. We use this scheme at SCS from Nursery to Year 5. It allows lessons to be lively and interactive, and enables children to learn visually, aurally and kinaesthetically. The children are quickly picking up lots of new French vocabulary and phrases and putting it all to good use. Lessons have been full of games, songs and rhymes, alongside writing activities, and a new element introduced to these children this year is role-play. We use cue cards to remind the children of the vocabulary they have learnt and they use this to hold a ‘real’ conversation. The focus is on correct pronunciation and fluency.
  • Friday 2 October 2020 Kinaesthetic approach to handwriting Handwriting is a key part of communication and can be seen as a reflection of our personalities. Some of us may enjoy the mindfulness of calligraphy and the artistic nature of the written word, whereas others can only recall cramps and pain after handwriting 2000 word essays with smudgy biros. Even though technology and typing are dominating written communication, it is still important to value the techniques required when using pen and paper. There are many ways to build confidence and fluency and they don’t just involve lined paper and rubber pen grips.
  • Thursday 1 October 2020 Developing an awareness of instrumental sounds As part of their phonics session, Nursery have been developing their awareness of 'instrumental' sounds using a variety of instruments and song. The children are learning to identify the name the instruments being played and are listening and responding to the instructions.
  • Tuesday 29 September 2020 Salisbury Cathedral School partner with FMS UK We are excited to announce that Salisbury Cathedral School is partnering with FMS UK to introduce a revolutionary system of movement screening and physical well-being for our pupils.  
  • Friday 25 September 2020 Year 2 take a step back in time Year 2's topic, 'Into the Time Machine' took them to Breamore Countryside Museum. The museum provided a fascinating insight into the days when the village was self-sufficient. The children enjoyed seeing full size replicas of numerous trades and crafts including a blacksmith, village shop, school and dairy etc. The museum also has one of the finest collections of steam powered farm machinery, tractors, barn machinery and historical tools.
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