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Leavers' Destinations

Leavers Destinations

Leavers' Destinations

Whether your aspirations are for one of the country's top independent schools at 13+ or the local grammar schools at 11+, the Head explores possibilities carefully with parents to ensure that the next school is well suited to their child's needs.

Our pupils have an outstanding record of achieving awards to senior schools. Recent awards include academic, music, drama, sport, DT and all-rounder scholarships and exhibitions to the following schools.

2024 Scholarships Awarded

Bryanston - Music Scholarship 
Clayesmore - Music scholarship 
Godolphin - Music scholarship 
Godolphin - Sports scholarship 
King's Taunton - Music scholarship 
Rugby - Music scholarship 
Sherborne - Music scholarship 
Stonar - Sports scholarship 
Warminster - STEM scholarship
Warminster - STEM scholarship 
Warminster - Academic scholarship 
Warminster - Academic scholarship 
Warminster - STEM and Academic scholarship