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HM Forces Families

HM Forces Families

We are proud of our association with HM Forces and welcome children from both home and abroad.

We are very sensitive to the needs of children whose parents are serving in HM Forces, and do all we can to ensure that the children's and the families needs are met. 

Salisbury Cathedral School is on the approved list of schools for families who receive the Forces' Boarding Schools Allowance - Continuity of Education Allowance (CEA). We recognize the particular pressures placed on Service personnel and their families due to the difficult nature of their work, the requirement for family mobility and the long periods of parental deployment.

Maintaining a stable educational platform for Service children is one of Salisbury Cathedral School’s goals, recognising that Service children invariably have a great deal of wider experience that can further enrich our school  community.

Salisbury Cathedral School offers an HM Armed Forces discount of 15% off the day and boarding fee to all serving military personnel. 

HM Armed Forces personnel in receipt of CEA therefore only pay approximately 10% of Salisbury Cathedral School fees for boarders.

The School is fully committed to providing support to our Armed Forces families in the provision of the very best educational and pastoral care to Service children.


It is a requirement that all pupils have a Guardian if the parents do not live in the UK, or if the parents are visiting overseas. The Guardian will act as the parents' representative.

A Guardian must be a responsible adult living in the UK who can be there in an emergency situation on behalf of parents. The official guardian for your child can be a friend or family member that is resident in the UK or an agent offering this service.

Guardian's must be able to offer full accommodation during exeat weekends,  half term holidays or if a child can not be in school ie: due to illness.

The Guardian's full details must be given at registration or when the parent leaves the country.



 For more information about Forces boarding, please contact the Registrar Jojo Orange  orange.j@salisburycathedralschool.com or telephone +44 (0) 1722 555300