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A word from Mrs Bedford

A warm welcome to the boarding house from Jake Reynolds, House Parent

I watch the children spill across the lawn and in through our boarding house doors after their supper, noisy and jostling about. They are happy. They feel like they have come home.

When parents ask me about boarding life here, I tell them firstly and quite simply that we are a big family.

What that means is that our total focus is on bringing all the comforts of a warm and happy home life to the boarders, so they can get the very best out of their school days. It also means that within this loving family atmosphere, children are given the confidence to grow up, make lasting friendships and develop their personalities. In such a close-knit group there is always somebody to talk to and share feelings with, which is so important for children today. The boarding house team, including the matrons and house parents are forever vigilant, but moreover we make sure that all the children know that we have time for them, that there is space for them to express themselves and that their well-being is all that matters to us.

What I love telling parents about also is that there is an enormous amount of fun to be had amongst our happy band. Weekend trips such as trekking, swimming, bowling and zip wire activities are planned for the children to not only let off steam, but to feed their sense of discovery and help them explore their leadership and teamwork capabilities. Baking and the creative arts are always a fixture along with time to just relax together, play games and enjoy the deep sense of belonging that envelops every pupil here.

We are in our element when there is a birthday cake to organise, or fancy dress outfits to make for a party, or an outing to be arranged. This is all amidst the busy purpose of helping boarders with their kit and equipment whilst at the same time encouraging them with firm but guiding hands to take responsibility for themselves – because that is just what it would be like in a happy family.  

Mr Jake Reynolds, House Parent