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1091 Club

1091 Club

If you valued your time, or your child’s time, at SCS, you can help ensure the future of our historic school, founded by St. Osmund, bishop of Salisbury, in 1091, by leaving a legacy in your will.

If you do choose to support us in this way you will automatically become a member of our newly formed 1091 Club and be kept informed of developments at the school. We do not publish lists of members and only recognise donations with prior agreement.

 If you have decided to include our school in your estate plans, please contact Liisa Wallace at alumni@salisburycathedralschool.com or 01722 555300 so that you can be counted as a member of the 1091 Club.

 All legacy donations are allocated towards major improvements to our site or extending bursary support. We always ensure funds are directed to the area of greatest need or strategic importance at the time of receipt, but we are also open to donors specifying the use of any financial gift.

 Leaving a legacy is a very tax efficient method of supporting registered charities, like SCS, because legacies are exempt from UK inheritance tax. This means donors not only fulfil their desire to support the future of SCS and its pupils, but also can reduce the inheritance tax levied on their estate.

 There are many ways to support SCS in your will and whichever method you choose we always recommend seeking the advice of a solicitor who will be able to help you further. Your will is a personal matter and if you decide to support SCS at any level we will be extremely grateful. To discuss your wishes with the school please contact the Bursar: finance@salisburycathedralschool.com

Please remember SCS is a separate charity from Salisbury Cathedral and any bequest to the school must be made directly: Salisbury Cathedral School, charity number 1093554.