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A day & boarding preparatory school in Wiltshire for boys & girls aged 3-13

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A  very warm welcome from Sophie Baber, Acting Head of Salisbury Cathedral School, Wiltshire...

I am thrilled that you have taken a moment in your day to visit our website, and as you glance through, absorbing the abiding atmosphere of cheerful purpose embodied on the faces of our lively and creative children, I urge you to imagine you have begun a conversation with us. Everybody here deeply understands the desire you have for a fulfilling and supportive education for your child. Therefore, we want to talk to you about the enduring legacy of enrichment that springs from the very foundations of this iconic 900 year old school.

We want to talk to you about the all encompassing teamwork, the driving force of our core values and the passionate focus we have on the nurture, progression and well-being of every girl and boy. Through these pages you’ll sense tremendous pride from a devoted staff body in the success of our children – many receive senior school scholarships, 95% learn a musical instrument and others excel in sport. We rightly celebrate such achievements because they come from a place of happy confidence.


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In Pre-Prep...

In the Pre-Prep we follow 4 core values which sit at the heart of daily school life and form the basis of every child’s pastoral and academic development.

In Prep...

We want to develop ourselves as well-rounded individuals and as responsible members of society. We focus on 8 core values at Salisbury Cathedral School which are explored in different ways during our time here. These are qualities we hope will continue to be important throughout our lives.

Pre-Prep Values Prep Values