Pastoral Care

With the challenges and pressures on young people increasing in modern life, good pastoral care is vital.  At Salisbury Cathedral School we recognise this and, as a result, our top priority is the welfare and happiness of pupils.  In recent years, we have embraced new and innovative approaches to ensure that our pastoral care continues to be second to none.  


Form teachers provide day-to-day pastoral care and, in addition, all Prep school pupils have a ‘Vertical Tutor’ who monitors their all-round wellbeing and progress, like a critical friend.  Tutor groups meet weekly and are composed of children from different year groups.  This encourages pupils to support and help each other, as well as giving them a sense of belonging to their own SCS ‘family’ throughout their time at the school. 




We want to develop ourselves as well-rounded individuals and as responsible members of society. We focus on 8 core values at Salisbury Cathedral School which are explored in different ways during our time here. These are qualities we hope will continue to be important throughout our lives.


We understand the needs of the world and work hard to ensure that those around us are happy.


We understand that sometimes we face challenges and we aim to approach these with a positive outlook and a desire to do well. We understand it is important to bounce back from failures.



We ask questions and want to know answers. We see learning as something special that we want to keep in our lives.


 We take our responsibilities seriously and understand that we are role models to others. We lead by example by communicating well in the expectation that others will follow.



We reflect on our own lives, taking responsibility for and managing our own choices, knowing when to ask for support and when to work independently in order that we may achieve our goals.


We give consideration to our thoughts before sharing them, we self-reflect and embrace creative solutions to solving problems.


We recognise the different strengths in others and ourselves and we enjoy playing our role as part of a team.



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