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Year 6 children have been working on their creative writing in English lessons this year, and have entered local and national competitions as part of their study.

The brief for the Rotary Young Writer competition was to produce a piece of writing with the title 'A Different Perspective'. Congratulations to Martha, Ella, Vincent and Anoushka, who were all commended for their entries to the local competition.

With over 130,000 entrants last year, the BBC Radio 2 '500 words' competition is a popular and well-known national contest. All of Year 6 wrote stories for this year's competition, with one story making it through to the next round - the top 5000 entries! Congratulations to Madeleine, whose story 'Tom's Adventure' is printed below.

Tom's Adventure

"Who stole my watch?"
The Butcher was furious, red faced and, in the light looked like a bull ready to charge. The shouting was so loud people in the bustling street outside peered in at the grimy windows.
Tom hurried to shut the curtains. He had long, chocolate coloured hair and piercing green eyes. Tom worked at the Butcher's shop. His job was to deliver the Butcher's meat to people's houses. But right now Tom was worried, very worried. For The Butcher was angry and everyone knew when the Butcher was angry, you had better take cover or prepare for war.
The police were called and an Inspector turned up. His name was Wiggins and in Tom's opinion, he was a featherhead, but, as Jenny whispered to him "He's so devilishly good-looking."
Jenny worked at The Butcher's with Tom and was as pretty as a daisy on a spring morning.
The Butcher claimed again and again; someone had stolen his expensive, gold watch. Tom had seen it glinting on his wrist only a few hours ago. It was new and The Butcher had been boasting about it for days. It had got pretty boring. But now, The Butcher was claiming it had been stolen! Tom thought this was unlikely. However, you just don't argue with The Butcher.
While Tom was finishing his rounds one miserable week later, he found his last customer was Mrs Jane Allen. Going up her front steps, he rang the doorbell and waited patiently. The door opened.
"Ah, Tom. Have you got my favourite pork?" Mrs Allen was a tough old lady who lived at number 28.
As Tom handed the pork over to the maid, he saw Jenny standing at the corner of the street, waving frantically.
"Excuse me!" Tom hurried away. Jenny led him through a maze of alleyways, finally stopping at a ramshackle street and slowing to a walk. She stopped outside a tiny shack.
"Here." Jenny's face was pale and she had big, grey bags under her eyes.
Tom had never been to such a horrible place. It was all one room, where Jenny, Mother and two brothers all lived, slept and ate. Wow. Tom had thought his family had it bad enough but this...
Startled, Tom turned to see Jenny at his shoulder.
"I was going to tell them but the longer I put it off the harder it became." Tom was very confused.
"Jenny what is going-hang on. Is this anything to do with The Butcher's watch?"
At this, Jenny reached her arm into the laundry basket sitting on the floor. As swiftly as an eagle, Jenny pulled out...
"The watch!" cried Tom, overjoyed.
And Jenny just poured it all out. At times, Tom thought he caught a gleam in Jenny's eye; was she being truthful? She seemed sincere enough. Tom glanced away for a second and felt Jenny's hard, cold fist against his head. As the world went black, Tom just saw Jenny's smiling, evil face slipping away...


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