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Year 5
Maze Game

This term year 5 pupils are having fun designing and making a maze game from softwood and MDF. They have been using a range of hand tools to cut and shape their wooden maze parts. They have tested their mazes using a ball-bearing as their game progresses. Once they have completed their mazes they will use the vacuum forming process to create a plastic cover for their maze.

Year 6
Pneumatic Powered Rockets

Pupils have had an awesome time looking at rockets, space travel and simple rocket science. They have learned how to make pneumatic paper tube rockets and applied their knowledge to add fins, cones and payload. Pupils enjoyed launching their rockets from different sites around the school including from the school field and alongside Beauchamp Tower and the Cathedral. We used an inclinometer to measure the altitude of their rockets – some reaching altitudes of over 50 metres (165ft)!

Year 7
Fan Driven Boat

Year 7 pupils have the challenge to design and construct a model boat to race across the newly revamped school pool. Pupils have been learning how to wire simple circuits incorporating motors and propellers. They have looked at boat design and developed their own boats from expanded foam. They will use a motor and fan circuit to power their boat, which they will test and modify in a small tank. Boats will be raced in the school pool before the end of half term!

Year 8
Metal Sculptures

Pupils have been creating designs for a sheet metal sculpture based on sea creatures, abstract shapes or personal interests. They have looked at a range of metal sculptures from local and well-known sculptors. The pupils have practiced cutting and shaping small test pieces so that they could develop a feel for the different metals and understand their properties. They have modeled their own ideas in card and produced a working template. Over the next few weeks they will shape and texture their metal using a range of hand tools including tinsnips, planishing hammers and stakes. They will also be introduced to different riveting processes and use the brazing torch to anneal their work as it hardens. Different colouring techniques will be used including heat induced and enamel spray.  

17 January 2019

Year 5&6 'We are writers' book has arrived!

14 January 2019

New Year News from Pre Prep

14 January 2019

Scholars Concert

10 January 2019

A visit to Canon Tom

13 December 2018

Scrumptious Christmas Lunch

12 December 2018

Christmas Fun in the Boarding House




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