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If you take a peek in the library on Monday lunchtimes and find a group of children with their shoes kicked off, drinking hot chocolate, eating biscuits and chilling out on the sofas…. you might wonder what is going on.

They are, in fact, diligent members of the SCS Book Club, and, if you listen carefully, you will hear them discussing and recommending favourite books and authors. Have a look at Benjamin’s review below; you will definitely want to read this book!
Mrs Payne

Book Review : The Midnight Gang by David Walliams
This book is brilliant and laugh out loud funny and has an awesome plot. This book is a book worth double the cost —it is funny, action-packed and all-round great entertainment for all ages.

David Walliams has written it beautifully and it is packed full of wit, this book is ten out of ten, even adults will love the humour and the story in this book is the best one yet. I thought the story was written extremely well and very funny. The funniest part is when Tom has to say an oath and George starts saying it instead. If you haven’t got this book get it now.

The book is about a child in a hospital who meets some other children and they get up to mysterious adventures to make each other’s dreams come true.

The main characters are: Tom, a boy who got hit in the head with a cricket ball; George, a cockney - he had his tonsils taken out in an operation; Sally - she is so ill she spends most of her time in bed; Robin - he has had an operation on his eyes so at the moment he can’t see; and Amber, who has broken both her arms and legs so she has been in a wheelchair for some time.

My favourite character is George because he is very funny and very good at fooling the horrid matron.
Benjamin, 4P 

11 November 2018

Benjamin Britten's War Requiem

9 November 2018


6 November 2018

Holland Sports Tour 2018

6 November 2018

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5 October 2018

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