Children today are exposed to a huge amount of information about the world around them and Geography can help them understand it by offering a wide range of practical skills and thinking skills


  • Every pupil in the school is taught Geography as a specific subject.
  • Each individual pupil can work to their strengths and build their self-esteem through an understanding of the world around them.
  • The Department provides access to maps, news sources and online information to enhance their geographical studies.
  • Pupils received formal instruction in class supported by activities in our expansive school grounds
  • Fieldwork in Wiltshire and Dorset on the World Heritage Purbeck coastline bring this fascinating subject to life
  • Flexibility in the Geography curriculum means current events can be examined and explained sensitively to the children whilst they are in the news.


Our A, B, C for success:

  • Access to current information and up-to-date case studies relevant to life outside school
  • Building a set of maps skills and thinking skills that enable the children to learn effectively
  • Communicating ideas and materials online in the virtual learning area.





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