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The Boarding House, 57A, is situated in the opposite corner of The Close from the school and is home to around 40 boarders. The advantage of its location is that the boarders feel that they are going 'home' each evening, yet it is just a short stroll through the cloisters each morning to school in time for breakfast.

Debbie Lewin is the Houseparent and runs the boarding house.  Debbie is supported by a team of friendly and caring staff: a resident assistant housemistress, assistant tutors, gap students and the Deputy Head Master, Mr Andrew Lewin. The welfare of the boarders is her priority and the boarding staff work hard to meet each individual's needs and ensure that the boarders feel secure, happy and well cared for.

Rather than operating a strict regime of rules and sanctions, there is an expectation that the children will treat each other with respect and courtesy. The boarding house is a very happy place and operates very much as a large family.

Dormitories are on two floors and there are bathrooms on each floor. The dorms are friendly and welcoming and vary in size, accommodating between 2 and 8 children. Pupils are encouraged and helped to make the dorms as personal and homely as possible by bringing in teddies, photographs and posters. There is an attractive walled garden with plenty of space for outdoor games.

The ground floor has two shared common rooms: one with a TV, DVD, video (and a big screen for Saturday evening movies), and the other with playstation games, board games and books. There is a computer area and 2 pay phones which children can use via a phonecard system to ring home. (Parents can also phone in on these numbers.)

The school offers full, weekly and flexi-boarding. Whilst some children choose to go home at weekends, many opt to stay in and take part in the many exciting weekend trips and activities on offer.

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